Reviewing ‘Circuit Therapy’- One evil world, two wise robots

A latest in the series of numerous, innovative comic releases, ‘Circuit Therapy’ by Rahul Bhandare brings you a gripping tale of two robots and their tryst with destiny. Unlike most other conventional comic series, this one also reflects on the common travails which humans can normally associate with, whilst also bringing to light some important virtues which must be incorporated in our real world.
A still from a chapter in Circuit Therapy
Without any further ado, let’s delve into the synopsis of Circuit Therapy: Some four thousand years into the future, the story unfolds on the planet of Dhilla Minor. The robot At-1 is brought into a therapy centre and is about to be terminated. But with his vast storage of human memories, At-1 manages to escape. He knows not why he has these error signals in his unit. Yet he hopes that the Rogue Robot will have some answers. On this quest to find the Rogue Robot, At-1 is soon joined by Bangdu – A robot who stores information about all of music and cinema. Together they begin their new and strange adventure. Yet unknown to them a team of 2 other robots wants to stop them from meeting the Rogue. They try to separate At-1 and Bangdu in a mysterious cave. At-1 is trapped in a chamber where time moves faster than it does on the outside. 1 minute on the outside can be as much as 50 years inside the chamber. Bangdu on the other hand has to somehow escape from a robot sniper who can track Bangdu’s every move even before he makes it. But somehow At-1 and Bangdu escape. One of their enemies on the other hand is attacked by another evil robot – Kilver. The Rogue finds out about Kilver’s attack and contacts At-1 and Bangdu. He gives them the challenge of scratching a dragon’s butt in order to learn the secret of their worries. After completing the challenge and understanding the secret, At-1 and Bangdu come to understand that a human soul can be transferred into a robot. And Kilver is trying to raise his own immortal army by transferring millions of human souls into many robots. Somehow At-1 and Bangdu manage to stop Kilver. They give Kilver a new life by putting his soul into a new robot’s body. Together the three of them now begin a new life of exploration. Circuit Therapy: The Review Set across 13 different chapters, the Circuit Therapy not only talks about the different things that define the human existence, but also deals with some real-life plights and predicaments faced by us. The chapter ‘Bridge ki Baat’ talks about how we really wish love would last forever, but sometimes the more stress we put on love/relationships, the more fragile they turn out to be, whereas ‘The Time Tap / The Time Trap’ explores how we experience time very differently according to what state of mind we are in. ‘The Dragon’s Butt’ on the other hand, discusses how we can still choose to solve issues by just talking to each other instead of resorting to violence. Towards the end of the 13-part story, the main villain – Kilver, may have been defeated, but the important point is that the evil in him was laid to rest. The egoistic and controlling Kilver, became the curious and fun-loving Kulfi. In a simple illustrative style and with some humour, Circuit Therapy portrays the problems faced by 2 robots. And through them, it presents a picture of our own complicated human lives.