Realworks Studios India pays tribute to Rajnikanth with ‘Ranadheeran’

A Coimbatore based studio on Monday, 21 July uploaded a teaser on YouTube titled ‘Ranadheeran’ and ever since has garnered over 60K views on the video streaming giant. Speaking to, Realworks Studios India director of operations, Sivaprasad Velayudhan says: “We have been around since 2009, but mostly involved with a lot of commercials, we just thought of exploring our creative prowess, and at the same time do something which would touch people’s hearts, this resulted in ‘Ranadheeran’. At a point when everyone is lamenting on the huge operational capital required for creating animation in today’s day and age, Realworks just proves that all it takes is hard work, dedication, a creative vision and low-cost open source software. “Our intention was not to take a potshot at the makers of ‘Kochadaiyaan’, but to really show what can be achieved by a bunch of 20 talented local artists putting in 756 man hours of work, 10 weeks of project time and 22,500 minutes of rendering 4,500 image frames to create a three-minute-and-52-second-long video trailer as a tribute to Rajni sir,” reveals Sivaprasad. The company’s website further states that ‘no foreign talent was used’ and that the visual clarity of the images was rendered not with motion-capture technology, but by using references from the internet.

“Though the result is still not what could be said to be our best work, we are proud of the way it’s turned out,” ends Sivaprasad. The company has already been receiving calls from filmmakers curious to know more about their achievement.

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