VFX 'Rampage' trailer: Yet another simian-inflicted cataclysm loaded with CG and VFX -

‘Rampage’ trailer: Yet another simian-inflicted cataclysm loaded with CG and VFX

After King Kong, Kong: Skull Island, and Planet of the Apes series, Hollywood’s obsession with apes is all set to turn over a new chapter as Warner Bros. launch the trailer of their upcoming sci-fi thriller Rampage.

Starring Dwayne Johnson in the titular role, the movie treads similar lines of Peter Jackson’s 2005 sleeper hit King Kong, if the trailer is anything to go by.

The clip begins with the Fast and Furious star along with his allies embarking on a jungle safari when they bump into a giant albino silverback gorilla emerging out of the dense bushes, which has a striking resemblance to the Solovar character of The Flash TV series.

A failed genetic experiment turns the gorilla into a humongous, raging creature that runs amok through the country, smashing everything on the way to smithereens. Johnson and his team are now tasked with finding an anecdote to stop the catastrophe and also save his friend’s life.

The visual effects, done by Hydraulx and Weta Digital, are eye-catching if not totally awe-inspiring. The destruction scenes are as grandiose as one may see in any other Hollywood movie, and has director Brad Preyton (San Andreas fame) written all over it. And not to mention the ginormous aquatic creature, supposedly a croc, that peers through the ground and adds to the terror, that is so evident on Johnson’ face at the sight of it.

A Warner Bros. Pictures distribution, Rampage is a New Line Cinema production and is set to run riot in cinemas from 20 April 2018 onwards.