VFX Rajiv Chilaka elated at prime minister's appreciation on 'Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run' game

Rajiv Chilaka elated at prime minister’s appreciation on ‘Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run’ game

9-year-old Bheem also known as Chhota Bheem is an icon for most children since 2008, created by Rajiv Chilaka has now turned into a swachh warrior with the launch of the game Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run. Chilaka received a nod of support from prime minister Narendra Modi on the launch of the game. 

The gameplay revolves around Chhota Bheem who is on a mission to keep the streets, cities, towns, and villages of the country spic and span, of course with his insatiable appetite for ladoos.

Nazara Technologies a Mumbai based mobile games company has launched the game of the Chhota Bheem franchise on January 25 before 70th Republic Day with the purpose of creating awareness about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan among millennials. “Get ready to enter the new chapter of Chhota Bheem’s adventure, where Chhota Bheem takes on the initiative to make India clean. Click here to find out who inspired him,” Nazara Games earlier tweeted.

The game has been welcomed by the prime minister himself. Taking to Twitter, Modi expressed, “ A big support by Chhota Bheem. Thank you Chhota Bheem, for strengthening the team that is fulfilling the dream of a Swachh Bharat. This valuable support will surely motivate more youngsters to join the movement”.

In return, Chilaka replied Modi on Twitter that “Feel blessed Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has tweeted thanking Chhota Bheem for taking his dream of Swatch Bharat forward.”

The game is focused on nationwide cleanliness campaign which is currently available only for Android users for the mass accessibility, the game has been launched in two languages Hindi and English.