Purple Turtle Lands in Turkey: Aadarsh Partners with Gendaş A.Ş.

Purple TurtleA new milestone for Purple Turtle as its creator Aadarsh Pvt Ltd has entered into an agreement with Turkey-based publisher Gendaş A.Ş. which grants Gendaş A.Ş. the rights to publish selective Purple Turtle story books in Turkish language.

Under the agreement, Aadarsh allows twenty nine titles of Purple Turtle including “Purple’s Chocolaty Dream”, “Friends Forever”, “Safari Adventure”, “Purple and the Glacier” to be translated and released in Turkey. Targeted to preschoolers, early readers and children of elementary school-age, the illustrated stories follow the exploits of the purple-shelled, sunny-natured Purple Turtle and his friends, highlighting the importance of loving one’s friends, family and environment in the context of kids’ everyday life.

“Purple Turtle is a gender-neutral character with strong international appeal. We are thrilled to team up with Gendaş A.Ş., a reputable name in publishing in Turkey,” said Mr. Manish Rajoria, Director, Aadarsh Pvt Ltd. “It gives us an opportunity to present Purple Turtle to more families and teachers. Purple Turtle is a character which presents values in today’s preschoolers — boys and girls alike. This deal greatly helps us in expanding our international footprint.”

Purple Turtle is Aadarsh’s IP for kids aged between 3 and 12, the first-of-its-kind to have been licensed globally, and has so far reached 29 countries like USA, UK, China and Russia through books, apps, games and merchandising.

About Aadarsh Pvt Ltd 

Established in 1989, Aadarsh is an ISO 9001:2008 & FSC certified, media and entertainment company based in central India having interests in printing, publishing, IP development, licensing and entertainment for children. In 2012, the company launched its IP Purple Turtle which has continued to attract young audience (preschool and elementary school-age children) from around the world with 200 titles in its catalogue and over several million copies of books sold to date.

Purple Turtle books are supported by an extensive licensing campaign throughout China, US, UK, South Africa, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka where the books are available in physical bookstores as well as major online shopping portals like Amazon (UK, USA and India), and Flipkart (India) etc.

About Gendaş A.Ş.

Gendaş A.Ş. is one of the leading publishers of preschool books in Turkey. Founded in 1972, the company entered the Turkish market initially publishing textbooks, supplementary materials and soon extended its portfolio to novels, stories and poetry with its new ventures — the Gendaş Culture and the Gendaş Kids. Since 2007, the company has turned its focus on catering a wide range of publications on textbooks, supplementary books, stories, activity books, exercise books and holiday books with fun, creative and modern content for preschool children. The company has also been an active participant in the “Free Textbooks Campaign” of the Ministry of National Education, Turkey.