Dark Horse and Netflix turn ‘Stranger Things’ into a comic book series

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Fans of Stranger Things won’t have to wait long for new adventures in the Upside Down. Dark Horse and Netflix have entered into a multi-year publishing deal to produce a line of comic books based on Netflix series, Stranger Things. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Dark Horse president Mike Richardson said, “Dark Horse is known for championing stories and storytellers. We are so excited to work with Netflix to bring the world of Stranger Things to comics.” The deal was announced on Entertainment Weekly, and the first four-issue arc will focus on Will’s horrifying adventures in Upside Down, and will tell the story of what happened to Will while he was stuck in the Upside Down during Stranger Things season one. As indicated by Dark Horse, the future comic book stories could explore other significant origin stories or depict previously unseen tales set during the first or second seasons. Jody Houser will write the series with illustrations by Stefano Martino, inking by Keith Champagne, colouring by Lauren Affe and lettering by Nate Piekos. The first series of Stranger Things will launch in September 2018.