PUBG Mobile’s web series has over 10 million views

PUBG Mobile’s web series, Dosti Ka Naya Maidan, has reportedly become a major hit with the fans on YouTube. Having gathered over 10 million views with just two episodes, the series has struck a chord with the gaming fans. The web series will have total of five episodes.

The first episode, titled Squad Ki Synergy, depicts the journey of a small-town boy who forges long lasting friendships though the game. He discovers his skills in PUBG Mobile and meets his squad in the game. In the second episode, the series gives the glimpse of the struggle of being a streamer. The episode extolls the importance of balancing family responsibilities with a streamer’s life.

PUBG Mobile team claims that both episodes have a total watch time of over 10 million minutes. The third episode will be a tribute to women in gaming.

This is not the only series based on games. NODWIN has also join the wagon of bringing gaming content to life.