Popularity of ‘Ultimate Teen Patti’ on Google Play Store soars!

Ultimate Teen Patti is one of the top three grossing gaming apps in India. There were instances when it even beat the internationally popular game Candy Crush in the race on Google Play Store. These facts are of little wonder because it is a well-known fact that Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games in India, especially in the Northern states. It was mostly played in the evenings and Diwali parties, but when it went online, it’s popularity was replicated immediately. Card games have always been a very popular category on Google Play Store and the time Teen Patti took to become the top grossing card game category in India was phenomenal. The gaming category in India was dominated by huge global brands like Supercell and Rovio. However, the arrival of Teen Patti apps replaced them on the most downloaded and top grossing lists. The online platform eliminates most of the problems associated with organising an offline Teen Patti game, hence it was accepted better than expected. Players didn’t have to fish for opponents and figure out a venue to play – why wouldn’t they want to play it online? Now, they play it anytime and from anywhere, and with millions of other online players from across the world. Teen Patti, also known as Flush or Flash, is a casino game quite like Poker but played with three cards instead of five. At the beginning of the game, a boot amount is collected from all the players at the table, and then, they are dealt with three cards each, and given options – to either play Blind or see their cards. Then, they continue betting either until everyone folds or someone asks for a show. On show, the player with highest cards wins. And at any point in the game, a player may fold to quit the game. If one gets bored of playing classic version, there are several Teen Patti variations to choose from. Muflis, Hukum, AK47, highest card joker, lowest card joker – are few to name, and every year new variations get added to the variations pool. This is another reason why Teen Patti is everyone’s favorite. It keeps evolving with time. There are several Teen Patti apps on the Play Store. However, players prefer Ultimate Teen Patti over its competitors because of the superior user interface that offers the best online Teen Patti experience in the market. Ultimate Teen Patti is also the only Teen Patti app that allows its players to bet with no-limits. On their no limit tables, there’s absolutely no limit. A player may increase his bet by however much he wants. The app is not only free to download on Google Play Store but players get 3,00,000 free chips on installing, and they can also collect bonuses every four hours. Bottom line, a player will never run out of chips if he’s playing on Ultimate Teen Patti. Players can also earn referral bonuses and win jackpots. It is an absolute delight to play Teen Patti on Ultimate Teen Patti app. Download Teen Patti App now to get the best online experience.