Popular Pixar characters gets alien makeover for the new Funko Pop! collection

Disney Pixar Anniversary Alien as Dot Funko Pop! Vinyl
Disney’s Pixar classic characters are getting an alien makeover for the new Funko Pop! collection. The new collection of Funko Pops! features the three-eyed green fellas dressed as classic Pixar characters, including Dot from A Bug’s Life, Dug the dog from Up, Dory from Finding Dory, Zurg and Buzz from Toy Story and many more. The collectibles are stout, 3–3/4 inches tall and are presently available for pre-order at Pop In A Box, with each priced at £9.99. One can purchase more than by ordering a set of two for £18.99. Apart from these, Star Wars and Marvel Funko Pops! are also currently available with a 20 per cent discount. The Star Wars characters include a young Han Solo from Solo, Finn disguised in an Imperial uniform from The Last Jedi, and a bobble-head version of Kylo Ren. Some of the Marvel Funkos on offer are Black Panther‘s M’Baku, Infinity War‘s Bruce Banner starting to turn a little Hulk green and MJ from Spider-Man: Far From Home. These Funko Pops! figures have a declining discount, dropping by 1 per cent every hour. So fans and admirers need to buy these as soon as possible in order to get them as cheap as possible.