Pokemon’s next to be a CGI remake of the original movie?

Speculations are that the upcoming Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will be a CGI remake of the original Pokemon movie, Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back which released in 1998 in Japan. The footages received so far is CGI, and are more relatable with the cartoon series unlike the realistic Detective Pikachu. While the name, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, has been known for a while, not much else has been revealed about the film. Also, Takeshi Shudo, the writer of the original three movies who passed away in 2010, is said to be the writer of this movie which would make sense if it is essentially the same. The 45-second clip shows Mewtwo flying after Mew through the clouds — the glowing, computer-animated clouds — accompanied by the promise that “the legend is back.” It is also set to release next year in line with the 20th anniversary of the first movie’s western release. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will likely be the first CGI movie in the series, but Warner Bros. Pictures will release the live action-hybrid film Detective Pikachu stateside on 9 May 2019. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution will be heading to the big screens in Japan on 12 July 2019.