Play games without cluttering your phone memory on

7 Seas Entertainment has come up with an innovative way to play games on your mobile phones., a free online gaming portal is now a 100 per cent cross platform gaming portal.  Neodelight is based on the Greek word ‘neo’ for new and the English word ‘delight’.

Siting the opportunity on the mobile space and with most gamers wanting to play casually on a smaller screen, this seems to be a smart way of reaching to that audience by means of making the website ‘mobile friendly’. provides a unique way to play games on your web browser without having to downloading them and filling up the space in your phone. It is a great partner which helps developers to entertain their audience and stand a better chance to monetise their games with cross platform.

Several game developers are publishing their games on Neodelight’s mobile web platform for free gaming. It has both quality online and mobile HTML5 games for the gaming community. Neodelight’s user base has reached 45 million per year.  Globally gamers prefer both online and mobile web platform to play free games.

7 Seas Entertainment MD Maruthi Sanker said, “There is demand in both online and mobile web free gaming platforms especially in emerging markets. Neodelight is leveraging the web as a platform for gaming on mobile browsers which gives developers more flexibility in reaching players and delivering the gaming content to users.”

Neodelight is originally a German company that has been in existence since 1998, but was acquired by 7 Seas Entertainment in 2008 and being managed by the latter since then. There will soon be a lot more fresher content being generated for the portal and a great breeding ground for young and upcoming game developers.

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