Plarium releases RPG game ‘RAID: Shadow Legends’ on PC

Plarium, a developer of mobile, social, and web-based games with more than 290 million users worldwide, has announced the launch of their hit mobile collection RPG RAID: Shadow Legends on Windows and MacOS. Since global release on mobile in March 2019, RAID has over 20 million downloads and currently maintains an average user rating of 4.6 on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The turn-based dark fantasy RPG features 300+ unique champions across 16 different factions, and an extensive story-drive (PvE) campaign written by Writers’ Guild of America-nominated Paul C.R. Monk from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and voice talent from Mass Effect and The Witcher 3. The campaign blends with the multiplayer (PvP) to determine the ranking system for one of the most unified game experiences in the collection RPG genre. RAID is the first game available through Plarium Play, the company’s new optimised PC platform for a faster and better experience with friends. The PC version includes a complete graphic overhaul, along with cross-platform compatibility with the Android and iOS mobile versions. PC players registering an existing mobile RAID account can sync all gameplay progress. RAID is rebuilt from the ground up to take full advantage of the hardware and graphics processing power of home PCs. Plarium has added HD textures to all in-game art, with improved lighting and shading, ambient occlusion effects, motion blurring, depth of field, terrain animations, and improved 3D definition for environmental textures. This version is also outfitted with specific quality-of-life improvements for PC gameplay, including unlimited framerate support and a scalable windowed play-mode for multitasking. “We’ve meticulously crafted the RAID experience on PC to ensure the same gameplay that millions of players around the world enjoy on mobile with the added graphics, controls, and performance configurability options that only PC can provide. It was critical for us to deliver complete cross-platform capabilities between mobile and desktop versions to give players more options instead of more decisions,” says Nick Day, Creative Director at Plarium. New Features in the PC version include: One can switch freely between PC and mobile. It  has complete cross-platform compatibility and automatically syncs progress and purchases between mobile and PC game sessions. -The game has higher framerate, HD textures, new animations, occlusion effects, terrain animations, motion blurring, and more. -It has been updated for PC play with fully-configurable graphics settings, new controls, and hotkeys.