10 memorable video game characters in ‘Pixels’ that brought back the 80s era

‘Pixels’ was supposed to be one of the most anticipated films of this year, but with the film receiving negative reviews for its run of the mill comedy from an old-timer like Adam Sandler (Sam Brenner), along with the likes of Kevin James (President Will Cooper), Jos Gad (Ludlow Lamonsoff) and Peter Dinklage (Eddie Plant). Panned for its non-understanding of video games, and silly mockery, the movie still does well on the nostalgia factor of collecting all the classic video game characters from 80s and bringing them under one roof. If you like gaming and want to dig in the history of gaming you can play some gaming quizzes Pac-Man Pac-Man Toru Iwatani’s creation Pac-Man plays a bad guy in the movie that munches everything and anything that is in his way and turns it into a bunch of pixels. Pac-Man has been a pop icon in the gaming industry since long and so have been its ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde and in the movie these ghosts are in the form of Mini Coopers who are seen chasing Pac-Man. Denis Akiyama makes a brief appearance in the movie as Toru Iwatani as he tries to stop his creation from wreaking havoc in the town. donkey-kong Donkey Kong The barrel-throwing Donkey Kong is the final boss battle in the movie and the Mario’s nemesis still looks menacing when he’s throwing barrels down at you not stopping at anything. The pixalated monkey does not have much to say in the movie, but is one of the central characters in the movie which Brenner can’t defeat when he was a child. Galaga Galaga Namco’s arcade shooter makes a brief appearance in the trailer with Galaga’s mothership pouring out hordes of enemies in the skies above White House. The Galaga ship is more rigid than its video game version where the galagas have flapping wings and capture player’s ship when it is hit by galaga’s tractor beam. But once the flagship is destroyed the ship is returned back to give the player extra capability to give back at them. pixels-qbert Q*bert The 2D platformer is one of the “trophies” of the film who helps the so called ‘heroes’ throughout the movie. Known for his rash language which comes from the nonsensical letters appearing when Q*bert crashes with objects on the tiles, the snouty character had become one of the favourites among the puzzle fans. Also, appearing Wreck-it-Ralph animation feature, Q*bert had many merchandising products to its name when it was at its peak. joust Joust The knight flying on the yellow ostrich made for a good fun hour of arcade gaming but the movie has them destroying Washington Monument which is what they do. Destroy pointy things as they carry on the task to take things down one by one. Space Invaders Space Invaders A movie based on the alien invasion by video games from 80s and miss out on Space Invaders wouldn’t have happened. The bug like pixelated aliens shooting bullets and descending from skies certainly look dangerous. Created by Tomohiro Nishikado, the game was one of the first ones to breach the barrier of arcade gamers and reach out to more people. Taking inspiration from many Space movies from that era, Nisikado designed the video game and Pixels has given the game the right tribute. Centipede Centipede Centipedes from the arcade games have come true and they are angry. When you shoot these fast-moving insects who are on to get to you they turn into mushrooms and after you killed one, the centipede along with the mushrooms change colour which signifies that the level has changed and they will come at a faster speed now. Centipedes are the movie’s second main boss battle and the heroes do a better job with the specially-designed light cannons designed to kill the enemy. Arkanoid Arkanoid Some may say that the paddle destroying Taj Mahal is from Pong but the paddle in the pong is not destructible. But it is certainly Vaus paddle from Arkanoid which makes bricks or blocks disappear when the ball hits them. Destroying Taj Mahal, Vaus ships certainly have moved on from ‘DOH’. Tetris Tetris The blocks falling from above to fit into the empty space below, how can Tetris be evil to destroy buildings? The game’s shapes stack on the skyscrapers of New York City and tumble them down when they make a line. Tetris now you are a hell lot scarier! Lady Lisa Lady Lisa Specially created for the movie, Lady Lisa (Ashley Benson) from the arcade game Dojo Quest is just an excuse for the creators to bring the character to life for she has been an obsession for Ludlow for years. Josh Rad also runs a tumblr page showing his love for Lady Lisa. Along with these 10 game characters there are many who make appearance in the movie with the likes of Frogger, Mario, PaperBoy, Burger Time, Smurfs, Duck Hunt, Pole Position and references from Naughty Dog money spinner The Last of Us.