PFT to launch CLEAR Media ERP in SE Asia market at Broadcast Asia 2014

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the global leader in media and entertainment industry services, recently announced its plans for Broadcast Asia 2014 in Singapore in June. Clearly indicating the company’s new market focus, PFT will launch its flagship CLEAR Media ERP in South East Asia markets at Asia’s largest digital and multimedia tradeshow for the pro-audio, film and TV industries. CLEAR Hybrid Cloud-enabled Media ERP platform virtualises the content supply chain and helps broadcasters, studios and brands manage not just content, but the business of content. PFT is also showcasing two solutions this year. “As part of our global expansion strategy we are investing in new markets and South East Asia is one of them. Broadcast Asia is where we are certain to meet new regional customers looking at broadcast operations automation and new media monetization,” said Prime Focus Technologies founder and CEO Ramki Sankaranarayanan in a statement. “We are delighted to bring our world renowned media ERP technology CLEAR to the SE Asia market for the first time. Broadcasters in the region can now enjoy the business success our customers globally have had in the last five years with CLEAR.” PFT is showcasing path-breaking solutions for Linear TV Channel Operations and TV Everywhere needs. CLEAR Media ERP for Channel Operations is an award winning innovation for the industry, leveraging the power of MAM, BPM and Hybrid Cloud, and best-in-class media tools to automate Broadcast Operations. The ever increasing demand for TV Everywhere fulfillment has led PFT to develop cutting edge content supply chain management tools which are also being showcased at Broadcast Asia. PFT’s Broadcast Asia 2014 showcase: Channel Operations for Linear TV CLEAR Media ERP drives digital mediation of stakeholders within Programming, Legal, Marketing, Traffic & Ad Sales, Broadcast Operations, content supply chain and downstream partners. CLEAR can be easily integrated with existing enterprise IT systems like Broadcast Management, Rights Management and Sales Order Systems to provide a unified IT platform. Today the biggest broadcasters and world renowned brands run their revenue critical, time sensitive media operations on CLEAR. CLEAR hosts and manages more than 350,000 hours of content and manages 200 new TV shows daily. TV Everywhere Digital Services PFT offers the most comprehensive suite of on-demand services to ensure VoD fulfilment for distribution to Television and TV Everywhere. Currently PFT delivers over 10 million files annually for VoD/Syndication. Enabled by CLEAR Media ERP technology platform, content packages can be created from the preset package of 400 publishing robots for delivery to Netflix, Youtube, Cable VoDs and iTunes – Upload, Transcode, Package, Quality Control & Deliver. CLEAR offers the option to pre-define publish profiles. It’s Dashboard and Reports ensure absolute visibility and control at all times. PFT is YouTube Certified for Audience Development which makes it the expert to advise content owners on YouTube Platform and Channel Strategy, Content Strategies for Sustainable Viewership, Audience Development Strategy and Methods, Copyright, Monetization and Partner Sales, and Rights Management. Apart from Cloud-enabled Services focused on TV Everywhere needs, PFT also has a large services bouquet covering the following: Cloud Infrastructure Services (Archiving, Transcoding, Auto QC, Packaging & Delivery) Content Preparation Services (Bulk Digitization, Spot & Full QC, Mastering Services, Compliance Editing, Up/Down & Standards Conversion) Content Localization Services (Subtitling, Closed Captioning, Dubbing) Metadata Services (New Metadata Creation and Enrichment of existing metadata; Genre-speci?c Cataloguing, Multi-Layered Cataloguing; Data Model Consulting) Post Production Services (Grading, Sound, Graphics and Editorial Services) Digital Production Services (Live Streaming and Packaging) Content Monetization Services (Contextual Advertising, Monitoring, SEO & Analytics)