Peppa Pig and Garfield share support for the Black Lives Matter movement

The Blackout Tuesday movement may have started in the music industry, but it quickly overtook major social media platforms. As major brands and retailers join the movement to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests, some familiar cartoon faces are showing support as well. Children’s cartoon entertainment characters Peppa Pig and Garfield are expressing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement too. The official Twitter account for Peppa Pig, a hugely popular British children’s cartoon that has been carried by Nickelodeon in the US, shared a “#BlackOutTuesday” post. A verified Twitter account for Garfield EATS, a Garfield-themed restaurant in Toronto, also shared pro-Black Lives Matter imagery of Garfield, including a “Blackout Tuesday”-themed comic. The restaurant is based in Toronto that serves pizza, lasagna, and coffee, and has its own app platform for customers to score points that can unlock coupons. The image includes a Nickelodeon 2020 copyright notice at the bottom, but there’s no such image on the official “@Garfield” page as of 2020. A representative of Nickelodeon didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the image. However, Nickelodeon did its part to support the protests over Floyd’s killing, and the company paused its social media presence for “Blackout Tuesday.”