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Online slots that are movie themed!

Nothing can dispute the fact that a good movie is a good movie. But if you find a good movie with an online slot whose theme is based on it, then it was a great movie.

Dirty Dancing

This amazing slot from Playtech takes its theme out of one of the best romantic movies of all time, Dirty Dancing. The movie was released in 1987 and the slot in 2017. That’s 30 years later. The slot is loved by many in Australia casinos communities/clubs and we are sure that a few people have watched the movie because of the slot. Or is it the other way round, where they have played the slot because of the movie? Whichever way it works, the slot is as amazing as the movie.

The Three Stooges

Too much romance for you? Well why not have a go at The Three Stooges, the movie is the definition of comedy. And realtime gaming managed to capture that comedic essence perfectly in their online slot, The Three Stooges.  So if comedy is what you are looking for in both a slot and a movie then you might as well try out all Three Stooges movies. And play the amazing online slots when you are done. That way, the fun will never end.

Jurassic Park

Take a trip back in time with the amazing movie Jurassic Park. The movie looks at a theme park that had cloned dinosaurs. A great movie about dinosaurs, and after it, came an online slot that portrayed the movie as it was. The slots name, obviously Jurassic park, and the creators Microgaming. There is a higher chance that you have watched the movie and not played the online game, so what are you waiting for?


Care for a fun, loving but vulgar talking teddy bear? We give you Ted. The movie was released in 2012 and just 5 years later came the online slot from Blueprint Gaming. A few of the symbols that players will see in the slot include Tami-Lynn, the angry duck and many other symbols. It’s a slot that is definitely worth your time. Besides who doesn’t love a fun bear with bad habits.