One Take Media Co. strengthens its Marathi movie library

Marathi film industry is one of the oldest cinema industries in India, having completed its 100 years. Stars like Ashok Saraf, Lakshmikant Berde, Sachin, Mahesh and the legend Dadasaheb Kondke have delivered back to back superhit films. The Marathi film Industry is gaining recognition and acceptance internationally, both for its content and the performances of the actors. In fact it is one of the fastest-growing regional industries in India offering the audience something new and unique every time. Looking at this potential for Marathi Films, One Take Media Co. (OTMC) has strengthened its Marathi movie library by acquiring more than 200 original Marathi movies. It also has more than 100 Hollywood Dubbed movies in Marathi in the same Library. These Movies are available for distribution on various platforms of DTH, Cable, OTT and other platforms as well. The Library includes Premium movies like Tuzhi Mazhi Love Story, Yaaron Ki Yaari , IPL, Niyatiche Kaalchakra, Aik, Mukhvate, Dhadas and so on. OTMC founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “In India more than seven in 10 people prefer to watch the content in their own language. India is a land of amalgamation of different languages. Cinema is a fantastic media of expression and various artists express themselves best in their native language. Hence offering content in all the preferred languages to our audiences is our aim. Hence, with this new offering of One Take Media Co. of varied library of Marathi Movies, our Marathi audience will have their share of entertainment” Marathi originated from the Indo Aryan group of languages. Universally, there are roughly about 100 million Marathi speakers including India. It is among the top four most spoken languages in India and among the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. One Take Media Co. has more than 10,000+ hours of content and covers almost all the genres. It has a varied range of content involving Hollywood Movies, Kids content, Cooking Content, Korean series and many more. The wide range of content are available in English and in all the Indian regional languages. These include Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati and Bhojpuri.