One Take Media brings ‘Invention Story’ to India

One Take Media Co. (OTMC), one of the pioneer names in Movies, OTT, VAS and kids content, has launched their much awaited property Invention Story in India. The acquired rights includes for broadcast, OTT and Value Added Services. Invention Story is a 3D CGI 104 x 11’ series with a promising premise which tells the tale of Kit, a clever fox who comes up with a new invention in each episode. His adopted home, Carrot Town, is home to a population of rabbits, most of whom admire Kit. A few, however, are envious of his abilities and want to stop him or steal his ideas. They include the mayor, who has only one big invention to his name. Kit, by contrast, can’t stop inventing. He also tends to be a touch undisciplined, which can sometimes lead to hilarious accidents and silly situations. But he keeps learning and so does his audience.
Anil Khera
OTMC founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “Invention Story is an animated comedy-action series for children combining fun and learning. This show offers four to seven-year olds an insight into the world of science. And as we all know, where there’s a conflict – there’s a story!! It is amazing to see how knowledgeable and skilled our younger generations are these days. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to inspire your kids to reach for ideas beyond their traditional realm of thinking. Use these ideas to help your children learn to think outside the box and experiment with common materials around them. We have 104 Episodes full of entertainment in our library. The series has richness of intelligence, thoughtfulness and creativity which leads to a lot of inventions.” OTMC is one of the leaders in providing Value Added Services to DTH, Telecom and Cable industries which includes Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies dubbed in Hindi & regional languages, South Movies dubbed in Hindi, Celebrity based Cooking show and Korean tv series. It has more than 2000 hours of kids’ content which includes most Popular Kids series, Kids Animated Movies and kids Nursery Rhymes.