VFX 'One Piece' treats fans to a different Lucci -

‘One Piece’ treats fans to a different Lucci

Depicting the dark justice than ever before, in Episode 886 of the series, it’s revealed that Rob Lucci has been promoted from his duty in CP9 to being the leader of the “greatest and most powerful” unit of Cipher Pol 0

When Shirahoshi becomes the target of a terrible Celestial Dragon, the other royals nearly interfere and doom their home countries by attacking the Celestial Dragon themselves. But since this is the Holy Land Mariejois, the home of the Celestial Dragons, this Celestial Dragon has a special escort. When Leo and Sai go in for an attack, they are immediately put down by Rob Lucci. Dressed completely in white, Rob is accompanied by three others.

Lucci is keen on dark justice at this moment as he will take down anyone who questions the god. Branding the royals as useless before a god, he claims that the Celestial Dragons can do whatever they want and don’t need to explain themselves. It’s clear that Lucci is upholding the rules as much as he did during the Enies Lobby arc, and that has brought him to his current rank. No information on how he got here as of now but hopefully fans will get to see more of the new Rob Lucci in action in the days to come. Fans are bracing themselves for the Strawhat Rematch for sure.