Nippon Paint brings in its very own fantasy league for IPL

It is cricket season with IPL for spring followed by ODI world cup in the summer. Following the trend, each season brings about cricket fantasy leagues in various forms and prizes, Nippon Paint has taken initiatives to bring in sporting events, with a fantasy league of their own: Nippon Fantasy League. This league was incepted and developed by Skyesports, sister concern of Skytou studios. Skytou studios and Nippon Paint go hand in hand when it comes to hosting events and running sports-related campaigns online and offline. Their recent venture into the esports industry created quite a buzz with Skyesports championship in Chennai. Further about NFL, it is providing a unique opportunity to the top 10 managers of the league a chance to meet Team CSK! The whole commercialisation of every other fantasy league of any sport, wherein the rewards for the winners are cash and goodies is not a part of the Nippon Fantasy League. The top ten leaders at the end of the league will meet superstars of CSK in a meet and greet.