Nintendo to give players a nostalgic euphoria with the announcement of the mini ‘NES’

While this year Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse event was more focused on the new Legend of Zelda game, fans and loyalists of the classic gaming company still await more information on their upcoming console titled ‘NX’. For the time being as everyone await for updates from Nintendo about ‘NX’ which is slated to release in March next year, it looks like the company has solid plans to keep the fans gripped to the brand as they have just announced their mini Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) coming back to stores. NES Regarded as one of the most famous consoles of all time and often credited for the rise of consoles to popularity, the NES was originally launched in Japan in 1980s and became an enormous success. Now the company is re-launching the product probably for old time’s sake as they mention it to be, “near-identical, mini replica” of the original one. The new NES will not allow users to connect to the internet and will have a set of 30 classic Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man and more. The console will come with a HDMI port which will allow users to connect it to television sets. Nintendo also confirmed that the games will have multiple suspend point which will facilitate players in resuming the game back from where they had left. Nintendo will also be selling separate consoles to players who want to play the two-player games, each costing $10. NEX Box The console will hit stores on 11 November, 2016 and will be available for $59.99. Here’s the full list of games that would come packed in the console: Balloon Fight Bubble Bobble Castlevania Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Double Dragon II: The Revenge Dr. Mario Excitebike Final Fantasy Galaga Ghosts N’ Goblins Gradius Ice Climber Kid Icarus Kirby’s Adventure Mario Bros. Mega Man 2 Metroid Ninja Gaiden Pac-Man Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream StarTropics Super C Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 Tecmo Bowl The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link