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As the coronavirus (aka Covid-19) continues to spread around the world, many companies have now introduced policies to accommodate remote working while also helping to limit the impact on productivity. 

You will need to Choose the best remote desktop software in 2021 which will give you the tools you need to access and manage one or more computers from any another device. Remote access is possible via both local networks and the internet, which means that, with the right software, anyone can access any device, anywhere in the world. 

What is Splashtop?

If you produce videos, VFX, 3D animations, music, radio/ TV shows, or games and are looking for high-performance remote access to your applications that are resource and processing intensive, Splashtop has the solution.

Splashtop offers Secure, fast, and affordable solutions for remote work, remote support, remote learning, and more.

See this video for Introduction to Splashtop: 


Robust Set of Features:

  • Work from home as if you were sitting right in front of your workstation
  • Get near real-time remote access with 4K streaming at more than 40 frames per second
  • Remotely access multiple monitors connected to your workstation
  • Get secure remote connections with multiple levels of security and compliance
  • Integrate with Single Sign-On for easy, secure and centralised authentication
  • Choose cloud or on-premise deployment

Where it is based?

Splashtop, is a family of remote-desktop software and remote support software developed by Splashtop Inc., a privately held software company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Hangzhou and Taipei. 

In Asia, the company opened an APAC channel headquarters in Singapore, supporting hundreds of revenue-generating channel partners and built enterprise channels in multiple countries, including India.

What are their Plans for India?

In India, Splashtop Inc. has appointed Accelty Techsolutions LLP as their reseller.

Accelty is an IT solution provider with a strong presence in M&E and CAD Industry and with their experience and technical expertise they have planned to help the customers in India with the best-in-Class Remote Access Solutions.

Splashtop Customers?

Splashtop currently works with 85per cent of Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, FedEx, General Electric, Marriott, Toyota and many more customers. In India, Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd., Sony Pictures Networks and many other companies are using Splashtop as their preferred remote access solution. 

Not only commercial customers, but also educational customers are using Splashtop Remote Lab to schedule and conduct their online Training. 

Apart from Media & Entertainment, Splashtop caters to different industries like, Architecture & Design, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, and many more.

Awards and Recognitions?

Splashtop’s remote support applications have earned numerous awards and top user ratings from third party review sites.

Why Splashtop?

    • Splashtop Business Access is a fast, simple, and secure remote access solution for individuals and teams.
    • You can very easily and securely Access your Windows or Mac computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device
  • Save up to 80 per cent compared to other remote access products.


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Whom can you approach for more details or POC?

You can contact: Accelty Techsolutions LLP


Mobile: +91 9820781227