United States president Joe Biden spotted playing Mario Kart

In the history of the United States, Joe Biden might be the first gamer president as he was spotted spending some of his free time playing a round of Mario Kart against his granddaughter. And it seems that Biden’s racing skills aren’t too shabby despite not growing up with the game himself according to Comicbook.

The moment was shared on Instagram by Naomi Biden, Joe Biden’s granddaughter. While at Camp David, which is the well-known retreat that the sitting president of the United States and his family often attend, Naomi and Joe found themselves at the wheel racing against each other. The iteration of the popular video game that they competed in wasn’t on a Nintendo console, but it was instead the arcade iteration known as Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.

Joe might be better at Mario Kart than you think. Naomi said that Joe “barely” was the winner of the race while still acknowledging that his skills were rusty. Considering this is probably the only round of Mario Kart he has played in quite some time given his busy schedule, it’s still good to see that the President has the skills needed to beat his grandchildren in video games when he has a free moment.