VFX Netflix to conduct a virtual discussion on 'Black Creatives In Animation' -

Netflix to conduct a virtual discussion on ‘Black Creatives In Animation’


Recently Netflix is coming up with an event titled ‘Black Creatives In Animation’ featuring seven professionals currently working in the animation sector as a part of their initiative to address the issues in the field of Animation.

The announcement was shared by Netflix creative executive recruiter Netflix Original Film Mike Jones

Netflix has been at the forefront of the catalytic changes in the OTT sphere of the entertainment space. Having championed and stood up for a variety of causes over the years, Netflix has been forthcoming in opening up gateways for nuanced discussion around the pressing issues that plague the global entertainment industry

Netflix also shared that the session will be moderated by Stevi Carter whereas the guests will include Frank Abney, Everett Downing, Kerri Grant, Brie Henderson, Jak Knight and Peter Ramsey.

With an aim to promote diversity and create a healthy community, this event will mark a discussion on the pressing issues that are deeply impacting the community.

The recent uproar caused by the killing of George Flyod has necessitated conversations around the prism through which the world views people of color and the affirmative action that is needed to make a more a fair and inclusive community.

Many organisations have come forward to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, launching various initiatives to promote inclusiveness, diversity and equity.

The event will be conducted on 26 June 2020