Netflix reveals 2D animated holiday movie ‘Klaus’ surpasses 30 million households

Netflix  revealed animated holiday movie “Klaus” has been watched in nearly 30 million households worldwide during its first month,according to data the company provided to Reuters.

Klaus is made in the traditional hand-drawn 2D animation. Taking into consideration the film’s title, Klaus involves the legendary figure of Santa Claus. This is supposed to be an origin story. It sheds a light upon why the presents go through the chimney, how reindeer came to pull the sleigh, how Santa got his red and white attire and how were the toys made.

Netflix only selectively releases viewership figures for programming it considers a hit, and the numbers are not verified by a third party. The company counts a view when an account streams at least 70 per cent of a movie.

The world’s largest streaming service, Netflix boasts more than 158 million subscribers around the world. But it is facing new competition, particularly from Disney, which has been removing its movies from Netflix and putting them on the Disney+ streaming service.

It previously announced that live-action movie Tall Girl was watched by more than 40 million accounts during its first four weeks, and Indian animated series Mighty Little Bheem has been viewed by 27 million.

The company plans to release several animated films for kids and families next year, said Netflix’s vice president of original animation Melissa Cobb. They include comedy The Willoughbys, an adaptation of a children’s book, and musical Over the Moon.