Netflix released ‘Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts’ season 2 trailer

Netflix’s animated series, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts became a hit and is already back for a second season. DreamWorks recently debuted a trailer for the show’s second season, which hints at the kind of magical, whimsical adventure that the post-apocalyptic series has in store. Kipo is a young girl who lives in a subterranean world. When mutants attack she’s driven to the surface where she goes on an epic adventure. It’s a colorful, dark, thoughtful, and engaging series that has charmed viewers since it dropped in January. With her people’s fate at the mercy of the villainous Scarlemagne, Kipo has to become the hero she never knew she could be. The official description of the new season hints at what fans have in store when the show returns. “Following the season one finale, all is not well on the surface. With the burrow people under Scarlemagne’s mind control and her father his prisoner, Kipo must quickly learn to master her newly-discovered mute abilities in order to save them. As she and her friends split up on a dangerous rescue mission, Kipo’s journey of self discovery unearths mysteries of the past that change everything she thought she knew.” Joining Karen Fukuhara as Kipo are Sydney Mikayla, Coy Stewart, Deon Cole, and Dee Bradley Baker. Sterling K. Brown returns as Kipo’s father Lio Oak; Dan Stevens as Scarlemagne; Jake Green as mod frog Jamack; and Lea DeLaria as Timbercat Molly Yarnchopper. Amy Landecker joins as the mysterious Dr. Emilia. The new season will be available on Netflix from 12 June.