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Netflix: Anime Series to look out for

Netflix has gone full monty with their splurge on originals. Investments have run unsparingly into the sphere of anime content which in itself is an ocean of subgenres and caters to several distinct demographics and tastes all across the world. The new obsession with Anime is not without basis as the trend seems to be catching on amongst the viewers.

Here is a list we curated for Netflix’s anime series:-

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Gargantia on the verdurous planet

The ramifications of the careless human activity with regards to climate change will be suffered by the descendants, the dystopian future imagined in this series will definitely serve as a clarion call for taking action.

In the distant future, humanity has forgotten its terrestrial origins and lives under the auspices of the Galactic Alliance, an Orwellian government whose sole purpose is the extermination of the Hideauze, a squid-like race of alien marauders.

The show opens with Ledo, a young foot-soldier who is pushed into the earth through a wormhole just as he was about to be defeated by aliens. He had to adjust to many tellurian ways of life to fit in.




As all the best space operas go, it captures attention with both sci-fi action and unabashed sultry behaviour. Much of the show’s conflict revolves around the fact that the aliens can’t fathom that humans function sometimes.

An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and the technology and secrets she bears lead Earth into three destructive interplanetary wars.

Children of the Whales


Children of the Whales

Set in a postapocalyptic world wrecked by ecological catastrophe, this time as a desert instead of water bodies. A few lucky survivors now live on a giant floating city called the Mud Whale, a majority of them developed psychokinetic powers.

It’s 12 episodes explore what happens when the Mud Whale encounters another island with very different beliefs and the conflict ensues. An intersection of stylised animation, water colour-ish background and slow pace gives the show an edge over others.

 Little Witch Academia


Little Witch Academia

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist


 This blockbuster thrives on rich character relationships, bravura displays of light and magic, and a plot vibrating with tension.

Brotherhood’s heroic brothers Ed and Al are alchemists seeking the philosopher’s stone to restore their bodies after the cosmos reprimands them for trying to resurrect their dead mother.

Meanwhile, the authoritarian government they work for — led by a moustachioed swordsman called Fuhrer has its own evil plans. In 64 episodes, Brotherhood never makes mistakes, using philosophy to delineate the aftermath of scientific experimentation, xenophobia, state violence, and more.

Death Note


Death Note


Death Note’s Light Yagami may be one of the most churlish Macbethian villains of the last 20 years. Over the course of 37 episodes, he kills many by writing their names in the show’s titular magic book, lies incessantly to practically everyone in his family or social circle, and seeks to establish his own utopia as a god of death.

He meets his match when a genius investigator named L starts to close in on him with his own mind games, propelling the show into a dark, suspense-heavy cat-and-mouse chase for the ages.

We hope this list helps you clear the clutter and decide on the anime series of your choice.