Netflix and Warner Bros. halt show production amidst coronavirus concerns

With more people testing positive for Covid-19, many studios are making the smart decision to halt production of their TV shows. Two major companies, Netflix and Warner Bros. to halt production for at least a week. Netflix is halting production on its scripted shows in in both the United States and Canada amid growing concern about the pandemic, whereas Warner Bros. too is pausing production on dozens of shows over the next month. The CW’s Riverdale, Batwoman, and Supergirl, Epix’s Pennyworth, and Netflix’s Lucifer and Stranger Things have also all been put on hold. In its public statement, Warner Bros. explained that reasoning behind its decision was simple and rooted in a desire to protect its employees. Similarly, the productions of Apple+’s See, Servant, and For All Mankind, Amazon’s Wheel of Time and Carnival Row, and FX’s Y: The Last Man are all being paused due to concerns about the outbreak. There is no exact telling when the things may change, but we will keep you updated of the development.