VFX Muslim League demands ban on PUBG for hurting its religious sentiments

Muslim League demands ban on PUBG for hurting its religious sentiments

Tamil Nadu Muslim League has filed a complaint against the PUBG game with the Chennai commissioner demanding a ban on the game claiming it is hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims.

Four months earlier the Surat district administration imposed a ban on the game after reports of an increase in violent behaviour among children and youth addicted to the game emerged.

The regional political party has argued that the new version of the popular mobile game has the model of the Kaaba in it and it is distracting the youngsters and hurting the Muslims sentiments.

The Islamic body compared PUBG to deadly online games like Blue Whale Challenge. Just like the Blue Whale Challenge led to the tragic suicides of young players, the recent update in the PUBG game is causing anger amongst the global Muslim community.

Kaaba is a holy building at the centre of Mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Muḥammad. A video by social media page Kashmir Islamic along with the copy of the complaint was circulated on instant messaging platforms.

The video claimed that the March 29th, 2019 Anniversary Edition of the PUBG video game features an image of the Holy Kaaba, which appears at the player’s foot level and that bullets are fired upon it. It said that the game was disrespecting a holy site where lakhs and crores of people offer prayers.

The video urged devout Muslims to “Boycott PUBG” by deleting the game and reporting it. It also asks to share the video and spread the word about how the game insults Islamic religious sentiments. The video featured captions such as “#BanPUBG”, “True Muslim can’t live without deleting it” and “Stop PUBG”.