VFX 'Mr. Magoo' will make a comeback on CITV -

‘Mr. Magoo’ will make a comeback on CITV

ITV, the commercial broadcaster from UK has picked up the Mr. Magoo reboot from Xilam Animation for children’s channel CITV. The 2D animated series will consist of 78 episodes of seven minutes each and will launch next spring. The story revolves around Mr. Magoo, an elderly disaster-prone man, who creates chaos every time he forgets to put on his glasses.

Mr. Magoo has been adapted from John Hubley’s original series, created in 1949, by Olivier Jean-Marie and is directed by Xilam’s Hugo Gittard.

Everybody in the neighbourhood loves Mr. Magoo. He is lively, kind-hearted and a cheerful guy who is always happy to give a helping hand. But with glasses, he causes disasters! All neighbours have kindly adjusted to his uniqueness, except for one- a megalomaniac hamster by the name Fizz. His goal is to have all humanity recognise how genius he is. He tries leaving a mark, but Magoo always interferes, thwarting his crazy plans.

The reboot was commissioned by France Televisions in partnership with Cartoon Network in Asia and Discovery in Italy’s K2. Xilam plans to make Mr. Magoo a key property for consumer product development, starting with France and UK.

This disaster-prone senior appeared on screens 70 years ago and will continue to delight young audiences and create chaos as before. The chaotic drama is expected to begin in December 2018.