Motivated from Haenyeo, ‘Mongni’ from ARTPQ appeals to children of all ages

While we talk about the slate of animated IPs that India has witnessed in 2018, the IP rush seems to have spread its wings globally. With international forums like MIPCOM, ATF and many more, numerous IPs from companies and independent artists across the world has got the opportunity to showcase themselves and gain traction. One such IP that’s going to come back with another brand new series is Mongni from the house of ARTPQ, Korea. Launched in 2005, Mongni revolves around the titular character- a bright girl who loves the sea. She is very friendly, humourous and adventurous. Mongini’s slapstick humour and hilarious antics appeal to children of all ages. The new 3D animated series is called Mongni & Eco-guardians 2: The secret of a mysterious island . (Fantasy/ Comedy of 26 episodes x 15 min in English and Chinese). The synopsis goes : According to legend, there were bad guys who tried to ruin the world. To protect the island, five guardians with a mission of protecting their lives fought against them. As time goes by, Mongni has become the leader of eco-guardians and the dark forces have gradually recovered. Mongni is their flagship IP that was inspired from Haenyeo, a group of female divers in the Korean province of Jeju. Known for their independent spirit, iron will and determination, the haenyeo are representative of the semi-matriarchal family structure of Jeju. Ellisha Kim from ARTPQ contents team mentions, “We are concentrating to promote Mongni. The character is motivated from Haeneyo, a precious heritage culture of Jeju. It has been listed on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Currently available in English and Chinese on YouTube, ARTPQ team also have the animation versions available in Korean, Vietnamese. Kim adds, “We are very open to other languages by request of the new market…[and] we’re trying to broadcast on various TV Channels like Free TV, Pay TV, IPTV and OTT platforms as well.” The ARTPQ team is also engaging in promotions, events and merchandising deals at the same time. Kim notes, “For now, our main purpose is to globalise Mongni as much as possible. Also, we are developing other characters.” Mongni created a mark in the global market with its TV animated series I’m Mongni in 2012 on SBS and Disney. Made in 2D format, it was a comedy series that had 52 episodes of 15 minutes each. Targeted to six to 10 year olds, I’m Mongni was about: Superstar Project with Mongni and Friends! Mongni is a little girl who lives in a fishing village. Although she is the heir to the family business, she left her comfortable life and set off to chase her dream of becoming a celebrity.Can Mongni and her friends make their dreams come true? Apart from YouTube, the new series will be available on SBS, JTBC, Disney, U+TV, Olleh TV, SK Broadband, JIBS, KNN, KBC, UBC, JTV, CJB, GTB, KIBS. Now time will tell how much Mongni is able to win the hearts of children all around the world. Fingers crossed!