Fenil Comics released two new comics on New Years’ Eve

Fenil Comics released two new comics, The Enlightened 3 and Simha, bringing new stories for the readers in the New Year. “We were awaiting the release of both the titles. And we have received a good response from the Fenil fans by far,” said Sherdiwala. The Enlightened 3 is the third installment of The Enlightened series in Hindi. It’s a story of the reincarnation of Buddha. Siddharth, the main character from the comic is a businessman and his family business is to make weapons for the Indian army. But his cousin, Devdutta and uncle runs illegal weapon business for terrorists. The story unfolds when Siddharth, who was killed in an accident, returns. Written by Kiriti Rambhatla, illustrated by Mohit Arya and coloured by Rajeev Pandey, this is a 36 paged comic, which is in the pre-production stage of becoming a full-length feature film as well. It will see Rambhatla as the lead actor. Another comic published by Fenil Comics is Simha, the second installment of the Bajrangi series. Fenil Comics founder Fenil Sherdiwala is the writer of the comic. Simha is inspired from the decreasing number of tigers in India and revolves around Bajrangi, who has befriended a tiger named Simha. The story unfolds the fight of Bajrangi and Vajra against the illegal trade of tigers in their village. Simha is illustrated by Anand Jadhav and coloured by Harendra Saini. Available in hard copy, both the comics are available for the readers on the online store of Fenil Comics. When are you grabbing your copy?