VFX Moonbug Entertainment brings 'Oddbods' spin-off comedy series 'Minibods'

Moonbug Entertainment brings ‘Oddbods’ spin-off comedy series ‘Minibods’

Moonbug Entertainment, a subsidiary of Candle Media, recently launched a new channel Minibods on YouTube. Minibods is a non-dialogue, slapstick preschool comedy series that follows the adventures of six furry friends who bring the silly to every situation and overcome life’s hurdles in unconventional ways. 

Building on the success of three time International Emmy-nominated Oddbods, which has nearly 30 million YouTube subscribers across its various dedicated channels, Minibods comes from a team of award-winning writers and is targeted at kids and families who want to enjoy some fun and humour together. 

“At Moonbug, we strive to bring together humour, entertainment and learning as we create characters, stories and worlds that captivate and resonate with kids across the globe,” said Moonbug CEO René Rechtman. “We are excited to expand on the world of Oddbods with the new fantastical world of Minibods and reach audiences with the same imaginative universe and new loveable characters.”

Minibods features five beloved characters from Oddbods – Bubbles, Jeff, Newt, Pogo, and Fuse – along with new addition Lulu. Each episode is told from the perspective of one of the six Minibods as they go through adventures and face kid-relatable obstacles, such as learning how to ride a bicycle and baking. Episode learnings are focused on the social-emotional development of pre-schoolers through “accidental learning,” which teaches children by naturally modelling positive behaviours.

Show writers include Bafta and Emmy Award winner Adam Redfern (Go Jetters, The Adventures of Paddington), Bafta nominee and British Animation Award winner Dave Ingham (Lucas the Spider, Chip & Potato, Mush Mush & The Mushables), Jo Clegg (Hey Duggee, Gaspard & Lisa), and James Phelan (Oddbods).

The first episode is now live on the YouTube channel. The series will feature 39 seven-minute episodes with one new episode being released weekly every Saturday.