‘Minecraft’ deploys a massive update to treat their fans on their 10th Birthday

In celebration of its 10th Birthday, Minecraft has rolled out a generous update to mark this mammoth occasion. In what is being billed as a long-awaited and comprehensive Village and Pillage update, they have apparently revolutionised their decade-old game. The update has redesigned the function of in-game villages, new blockers and brought in a new raid system.

 Outlining the details on its website, Mojang writes, “Apparently, it takes a village to raise a child. Frankly, if we’d known how much work putting together the biggest Minecraft update yet was going to be, we’d have probably taken the easy option and tried to raise that child instead. But it was all worth it for this, Village & Pillage Update release day! I can almost hear the Pillagers firing their crossbows into the air in celebration! Or are they firing them towards me…”

Roundabout hundred of tweaks, changes and additions that have been addressed by Mojang and listed them on their website. Significant changes entail accessibility improvements, bamboo jungles, crossbows, a new accessibility menu, bells which can be used to warn about incoming raids, a new furnace upgrade, campfires, new Catskins, Foxes, composters, the Hero of the Village effect. Minecrafters are going to have a field day as players can proverbially knead the clay on many more creative items than before. The update is available to download from the Minecraft website. We wish them a very happy Birthday