VFX Microsoft to host new ‘Halo’ tournament from 23 May to 18 July

Microsoft to host new ‘Halo’ tournament from 23 May to 18 July

Microsoft’s 343 Studio, the developer of the online game Halo, is arising with a MCC Pro Series, for followers and rivals in the course of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Esports tournament will have two lessons – open and professional.

The tournament, which will take place weekly, begins from 23 May and will finish on 18 July. The MCC Pro-Series tournament will run on the anniversary model of Halo 2, which will be launched on PC on 12 May.

Halo 2: Anniversary was first launched as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One in 2014. The PC version of the game currently features Combat Evolved Anniversary and Reach.

The open tournament has three cash prizes. The first-place winner will get $250, while the second place will earn gamers $150 and the third $100.

The total prize for pro tournament is $5,000 and it will also be divided among the top eight contestants. Open and pro tournaments will be held every alternate Saturday.

“Top eight teams from the first open tournament will qualify for the first 16 team pro tournament, where they will be met by the Top 8 teams from DreamHack Anaheim,” said the company. The top eight teams from each Pro tournament will automatically qualify for the next pro tournament till a winner is decided.

Faceit, a gaming platform for online multiplayer games, will be facilitating the tournament.