VFX Metaphysic assembles AI and copyright experts to lead inaugural scientific advisory board  -

Metaphysic assembles AI and copyright experts to lead inaugural scientific advisory board 

Metaphysic announced the appointment of a scientific advisory board to support the company’s efforts to drive technological excellence in AI, emphasising ethical application.

Inaugural members include Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy co-director Professor Jeanne Fromer; University of California, Berkeley, School of Information  Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Professor Hany Farid and University of Oxford and the Alan Turing Institute Professor Renaud Lambiotte. Metaphysic will continue developing technology that is shifting the paradigm for how we create, consume, and experience media. 

“As a pioneer in generative AI, Metaphysic is focused on developing the transformative power of this technology in an ethical and responsible way,” said Metaphysic CEO and Co-founder Thomas Graham. “Professors Fromer, Farid, and Lambiotte will provide invaluable insight and guidance as we move our research forward in a way that empowers individuals to own and control their data while privileging consent, consideration and compensation as core principles for building products that impact the lives of real people.”

Over the last two years, Metaphysic has rapidly emerged as the industry leader in developing AI technologies and machine learning research to create immersive, photorealistic content at internet scale. Following a series of industry-defining performances on America’s Got Talent, Metaphysic secured a partnership with Creative Artists Agency and received the role of official generative AI partner for Miramax’s forthcoming film Here

In addition to its work in the entertainment space, Metaphysic has developed Every Anyone, a consumer-facing platform allowing individuals to create a hyperreal avatar backed by their biometric data. The newly-formed Scientific advisory board will work hand in hand with Metaphysic’s in-house research team to guide the company’s basic and applied research in computing vision, AI and machine learning, public policy and law, ethics in science and technology, cryptography, and more. 

This guidance will support the implementation of new research into Metaphysic’s existing product offering and will help to create new proprietary technology products based on responsible innovation. Through the Board’s continued research and development, Metaphysic hopes to provide an overall framework that can support the advancement of the entire industry in the ethical application of AI. 

The founding members of the Metaphysic scientific advisory board bring decades of experience to their new roles, honed in education, practising law, and conducting scientific research. Professor Jeanne Fromer is co-director of the NYU Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy and co-author of the copyright textbook, Copyright Law: Cases and Material, used in over 65 law schools globally. 

Professor Hany Farid, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, is renowned for his expertise in digital image forensics and is often consulted to weigh in on AI-synthesised content. The board is rounded out by Professor Renaud Lambiotte, an instructor on Networks and Nonlinear Systems at the University of Oxford.