Meet ‘Stan Lee’s Work Force’ and their hilarious escapades

Stan Lee's Work ForcePow! Entertainment and Stan Lee are releasing a new episodic novel which will be aired on twice a week starting from 17 July. These new chapters will be aired on every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. The translated versions will be released in China later this summer. Following the release in the US and China markets, further expansion to additional territories reaching more cultural markets will take place. Lee, who is the creator of iconic comic-book characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Hulk, to name a few, has been popular for creating superhero characters over the years. His characters have stood the test of time and came out successful. In this episodic novel, Work Force, Lee will be seen as an animated character where he would be surrounded by superheroes in his everyday life. Stan Lee’s Work Force revolves around the adventures of his creations/heroes within a conventional office setting which leads to hilarious tales. Whether it’s about working 9-to-5 or patrolling the city for prevention of crimes, Lee’s superheroes who are very much humanized and relatable to those in the working world now have a boss to direct them. The launch of a new series is announced after Lee dropped the lawsuit of $1 billion against Pow! Entertainment. Through a video, Lee expresses his excitement to make a comeback:

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