September 18-2017
MEAI’s Biggest Indian Delegation at Gwangju ACE Fair 2017

MEAI (Media & Entertainment Association of India) has once again put together an Indian delegation to Gwangju Ace Fair this year. The delegation, headed by MEAI president Sushil Bhasin is their largest Indian delegation to Gwangju Ace Fair.

MEAI president Sushil Bhasin

Sushil Bhasin comments, “It has been an endeavour of MEAI to increase the exposure of Indian production studios and one of the ways has been through building international delegations. We are glad to put together the biggest delegation to Ace Fair and hope that the delegation concludes business.”

Delegates visiting under MEAI :

1. 7Mantle Studios, Michele Sereno
7Mantle Studios is full service development and production studio that converts storytelling and education into an exciting medium of visual excellence and information.

2. Bhasin Studios, Sushil Bhasin

Bhasinsoft produces 2D and 3D animation for clients in Europe, Middle East and USA. It also produces apps and games for iOS, Android and Windows.

3. Drum Attack, Brijesh Sereno

Drum Attack is an educational system that helps aspiring drummers and professional drummers by providing an ecosystem that comprises hardware and software tools, offline and online drum classes to assist the drummer.

4. Encore Films, Ankur Bhasin

Encore Films is one of India’s largest independent  distributors of children’s content. Its portfolio encompasses of animated and live action tv series, movies, shorts and web series. It also invests and produces feature films and OTT content.

5. iLO Entertainment, Rinu K.R. and Aruna Kumar
iLO Entertainment (Singapore and India) is a global animation and feature film production, distribution and entertainment company.

6. Jugnu Kids, Kamal Pahuja
Jugnu Kids is a YouTube channel for kids and preschoolers with rhymes which are 3D animated and designed to give your kids best and enjoyable learning.

7. Pencillati Studios, Vivek Singh Sidhu
Pencillati is a fast growing production studio that specialises in game art, CGI and animation films. The studio focuses on creating a high-quality visual experience through efficient customised workflow design.

8. Pencillati Interactive, Tarun Jain
Pencillati Interactive is an art production studio designed to provide services to creative agencies. It provides the complete solution in animation, interactive, games, augmented reality, virtual reality and VFX.

9. Rocksalt Interactive Games, Deepak Jadhav
Rocksalt is a production studio that provides high quality services to the gaming and animation industry.

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