Maxon Computer GmbH places Tathastu Techno Solution as their value added distributor in India

Tathastu Techno Solution has announced that it has been appointed by Maxon Computer GmbH as their value added distributor in India. They will also be selling MAXON’s professional 3D software solutions Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D, Tathastu will also offer technical support, training seminars and workshops to existing and prospective customers. MAXON sales and marketing vice-president Friederike Bruckert states, “India is an important market for MAXON particularly due to the media and entertainment sector. This strategic partnership with Tathastu Techno Solution is a part of MAXON’s efforts to offer our products and services on a much wider basis than before and we are excited to work with the local experts in the field.” Tathastu Techno Solution director Chetan Jain further added, “MAXON’s products fit perfectly with our vision to partner with world renowned 3D Software Tool company. MAXON computer software is innovative, easy to use and is well accepted by customers in India.”