Masters galore at Toonz’s Animation Masters Summit 2019

Inspiration is not easily attained, only the best of masters can inspire people with hope to achieve their dreams. Toonz Animation Masters Summit is one such event where every single master including Mayur Puri, Sriniavas Mohan and Pete Dodd, who come from different wakes of life inspired all to strive towards their dream. Mayur Puri – Master Writer A popular Bollywood screenwriter, known for hit works like, Om Shanti Om, ABCD and ABCD 2 and a legendary trans-creator trusted by Disney. He doesn’t call it translating, “It is trans-creation as the stories are being remade and not just simply translated,” Puri added. Puri is known for trans-creating hindi versions of Jungle Book, Avengers Infinity War, Thor Ragnorak, Finding Dorry and most of Disney and Pixar movies. ‘Localisation = Globalisation’ was one of the most important takeaways from Puri’s session. He manages to understand the emotions behind the dialogues of the original blockbusters and rewrites it to create a similar emotion for the Hindi speaking audience, thus trans-creating the global content for the Indian audience. Sriniavas Mohan – VFX Master A VFX master with close to 25 years of experience in supervising VFX in Indian cinema, Mohan has created dreamlike experiences in around 50 feature films including Krrish and Bahubali. He started his presentation with his latest work on Enthiran 2.0, giving the VFX breakdown of the sequences. Mohan explained his main challenge was to make the CG character look similar to the three dimensional individual. and exclaimed on the lack of pre-production artists in India and the inability to hire internationally due to difference in work culture. He expects AI to soon automate and revolutionize the VFX industry. Pete Dodd – Master Creator Creator, animator and director Peter Dodd amazed the audience with his outstanding contribution to the animation industry. Having worked on popular projects like Trolls- The Tale of a Tail, The Corpse Bride and many others, Dodd took us on a journey to witness the process of animation. His initial question at the beginning of the presentation ‘Why do animation?’ made sense when he explained the steps towards a great animated work quite diligently. Dodd mentioned how imagination plays a key role in building up the story and creating the characters and environments in animation. His short film project shows a beautiful love story between a butterfly and a flower blooming on a potted plant. Audience will soon get to see another good dose of animation with a fun, cute baby elephant dancing and singing to some peppy tunes and melodies which are created by Christian Schneider in a project titled Bellyphant. Toonz Animation Masters Summit 2019 laid out a fantastic platform for students and studios to learn from these great masters and launch their own path to success.