Animation Masters Summit 2019 saw the creative side of animator Vivek Ram

With a stellar speakers list, this year, Animation Masters Summit have managed to create buzz. Day one ended by honouring the legend of animation Raman Lal Mistry, the creator of the iconic ‘Doordarshan’ logo animation. What keeps the animation industry growing is the passion one has, he said in a candid interview with us. Keeping the essence of 2D animation, animators must focus more on the technique which is kind of getting lost, added he. With the learnings from Mistry, the second day of AMS began with master Vivek Ram, the Senapati of Vaanarsena Studios showcasing his amazing work in 2D animation. With an experience of over 20 years, Ram is famous for his creative intelligence and his major inspiration has been Amar Chitrakatha and Ramayan. Considering the growing popularity for 3D animation in kids’ genre, even Ram feels that the younger audience is not aware of the 2D animation and its techniques. A creative soul, Ram in his enriching presentation managed to get applause for every art he showcased. The audience were in awe of certain facts he shared from mythology. Beginning his session with ancient paintings and sculptures, he took the audience on a ride to ancient India and informed all how the art has evolved over time, keeping the basics intact. The display of the intelligently created logo of Vaanarsena grabbed attention of all present in the hall. Ram thinks that these Indian stories need to reach as many people, as they take one into the world of ancient ‘Bharat’. His basic philosophy in portraying stories and setting character designs is through heavy research and new age personification. Ram’s Myth-o-Katha gifs have created quite a stir and people actually waited for the creative yet informative gifs to enter their inbox every couple of days. The animated short, Durga created by him is another great example of how beautifully 2D animation can tell stories in the simplest manner. The audience were englamoured and the animated short received a huge round of applause. Ram spoke about how the 16 plus age group audience in India is not exposed to good content in animation. Making this his primary objective, he wants to evangelize animation for the young adults in India. When asked about creating superheroes, Ram quickly replies, “I don’t find it necessary. There is so much fantasy and valour in the Indian stories like Ramaayana and Mahabharata, which consists of so many superheroes. They are awe inspiring.” Ram, with his works is taking the technique of 2D animation back in limelight. He beamingly said, “2D animation is surely making a comeback.” Indian screenplay writer and trans-creator Mayur Puri found Ram’s projects extremely necessary and important for the young generation and he asked Ram that he must continue to share it with the world.