VFX Marvel Studios announce live-action series on Falcon, Winter Soldier, Wanda Maximoff and Vision on Disney+

Marvel Studios announce live-action series on Falcon, Winter Soldier, Wanda Maximoff and Vision on Disney+

Falcon and Winter Soldier are set to reunite post ‘Endgame’!

In a really exciting and rabble-raising announcement, Marvel Studios revealed┬álive-action series based on Avengers characters such as Falcon, Winter Soldier, as well as Wanda and Vision, all of which will be coming to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige made the announcement today during a Disney investors meet.

WandaVision will delve deeper into the relationship between Scarlett Witch and her Android bae Vision, as Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are set to reprise their respective roles. Another series, Falcon and Winter Soldier, will follow the Avengers comrades into their new adventures together as both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are set to continue their respective roles from the MCU.

However, the release date of either of the shows are yet to be confirmed.

WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier join the growing list of MCU live action series with one on Loki and Hawkeye already in development. Tom Hiddlestone and Jeremy Renner would be reprising their roles as the God of Mischief and the Golden Archer respectively.

Wanda and Vision will pair up once again

Kevin Feige also confirmed that each of the new shows would tie into the post-Avengers: Endgame universe, although dodged questions on what this would mean for each of their fate in Endgame. But it only makes sense for each of these characters to re-appear towards the end of the film as the surviving Avengers somehow undo the snap and the other cohorts continue their heroics.

In another announcement, Disney also confirmed that the streaming service would be going live on 12 November this year, with over 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel content and 100 original Disney movies available to stream at the time of the launch.

Walt Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger also shared a first-look of Disney+, giving a small sneak-peek into the home page of the streaming channel as Captain Marvel, Snow White, Coco, Free Solo and many other productions could be seen under the recommendations.