VFX Marvel ressurects a classic superhero team -

Marvel ressurects a classic superhero team

Marvel universe is so expansive that one can except wonders to happen in the combooks. Marvel is known for twists and turns as they progress with the stories. In the final moment of Annihilation – Scourge Omega #1. 

In Omega, the heroes in the Negative Zone were getting beaten; Sentry and his Cancerverse forces have become too powerful and are putting too much of a burden on the force field Sue Richards is protecting everyone with. Then, just in the nick of time, a portal opens up and out pours heroes from every corner of the Marvel mythos. Led by Richard Rider, there’s the Shi’ar Imperial Guard led by Gladiator, cosmic mainstays like Pip the Troll, Cosmo, and the Starjammers; then there’s the New Warriors, a team Rider himself has been a part of at one point.

New Warriors, Marvels

In the beginning two-page, readers see Justice, Namorita, Rage, Darkhawk, and Firestar get together to help their old friend out. Then, throughout the remaining pages, a few additional characters like Speedball also come through, to the delight of readers.

So far as the team’s future goes — Annihilation – Scourge doesn’t give an indication of whether we’ll be able to see any additional team-ups in the future. Either ways it’s good news for 90’s kids.

The entire Annihilation – Scourge mini-event is now available wherever comics are sold.