Marvel releases ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ VFX and special effects breakdown

If you have been desperate to know just how Marvel does some of the marvelous effects in their movies, the wait is over! A recently released video from the company, goes into the dynamics of how the VFX and special effects make the action in Avengers:Infinity War look so stunning. Although the video is not super exhaustive on information, it sure delves into all the nuts and bolts of the scenes that left us in awe; right from animating Spider Man’s Iron Spider costume to the humongous ship that Thanos steers into the ether in the first big fight.
As the film ended its successful box office run earlier this year, all eyes are on the future with Avengers 4 on the horizon. Given the suspenseful and intense cliffhanger that shook the audience at the end, fans are dying to discover how the battle with Thanos ends in Avenger 4. There is a high likelihood of the next movie surpassing all the expectations with the thrill and action that Marvel is known to deliver. But it sounds like directors Joe and Anthony Russo, are still contemplating as to how they will end it. Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo previously spoke on the podcast about the additional photography currently taking place for Avengers 4, revealing that they are still in the process of finalising the end of the upcoming movie. We can’t wait to find out! Avengers 4 hits the big screens on 3 May 2019.