MAAC 24 FPS 2019 edition was a grand celebration

MAAC 24 FPS is one of the most awaited animation awards of the country and boasts over multiple categories brimming with the best work in VFX, animation and multimedia. MAAC kick-started its goal to create studio-ready artists in 2003. The first ever 24 FPS Awards started with eight teams and 40 participants, with the number increasing tremendously in the past 17 years. 2019 saw over 5000 MAAC students’ participation from across India and more than 1300 external entries from about 75+ countries. The skill set category received a whopping number of participation ever in the history of 24 FPS. The evening began with a fantastic entertaining performance by host RJ Anurag Pandey. He made an energetic entry amidst the crowd. The performance was followed by the traditional inaugural ceremony, where Aptech MD and CEO Anil Pant, Aptech president and executive director Anuj Kacker, Maya Entertainment director Ram Warrier, Huion  chairman Hefeng Xu and Lincoln University College, Malaysia founder and VC Amiya Bhaumik were present. Addressing the crowd, Kacker said, “This is the time to enjoy the fruit of months of hard work, passion and creativity with the 17 th grand edition of 24 FPS.” Bhaumik too gave a motivational speech to the students and asked them to focus on themselves and their work. “You are your best friend and best enemy, because you know what is good and bad for you. Work accordingly,” added he MAAC 24 FPS team’s excitement towered as they felicitated their hardworking students for their extraordinary work. Industry veterans and media stalwarts joined the team in congratulating the winners and motivating the budding artists. The evening was graced by theatre, TV and film actor Amit Behl, who said, “It’s an honour to be here. This gathering saw so many talented technical people who are actually the backbone of media and entertainment industry.” MAAC felicitated Behl with the Movers and Shakers Awards, and he added, “People who are working behind the scenes in VFX and animation, artificial intelligence are soon going to replace performers like me. Your contribution in the international arena as technicians and artists is incredible. I accept this award very humbly from Aptech and MAAC.” 2019 24 FPS jury has always included the finest minds in the industry. The jury included industry veterans from various arenas of AVGC industry. MAAC’s association with The United Nations Information Centre is helping create great opportunities for students to exercise their craft and creativity with animated short films. These inspirational pieces of work which contribute to the UN’s effort in creating awareness around the world and moving towards a better future were showcased at the do. This year MAAC students had worked on the theme – Climate Action. In an audio visual from UNIC national information officer for India and Bhutan Rajiv Chandran, he said, “sorry that I couldn’t be i be in Mumbai to celebrate the award ceremony today. But this has been an incredible journey. UNIC has partnered with 24 FPS for many years and wrote to the student community of MAAC the idea of sustainable development goals and ensured that the creativity and excitement that your students to create work is very amazing. This year, Climate Action is  great theme. I congratulate MAAC and 24 FPS for this great journey.” The audience cheered and motivated the winners for the various categories that were being announced. Marathi actress Tejaswini Pandit was also felicitated with the Movers and Shakers award. Pandit mentioned, “Every award comes with responsibility and this is my 27 th responsibility. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Thank you for making us look good in movies and for making every project a starry affair.” Thank you for that! The third Movers and Shakers was presented to Technicolor MPC for their strikingly amazing work for the industry. The function got up a notch higher with amazing performance by Jyotsna Feat Desi Videsi Jyotsna Navandar. The audience sang and danced to her tunes, making the night a memorable one!