Loon Games’ adorable fur balls to roll out on iOS and Android screens this September

Cannons, cars, hairy monsters riding giant earthworms and bagel towers, Loon Games developers make them all. It is a casual game development studio based in Navi Mumbai and headed by Aditya Kulkarni.

“We were well aware of the market trends, what works and what does not in a statistical sense since we keep a tab on the market and are in touch with quite a few industry folks across the globe. We were prototyping some touch based concepts and the team decided that ‘Furr Flicker’ would be fun to make. We realised that the concept could also be developed and pushed out to the stores with a short development cycle without compromising on the quality of gameplay and the overall product. We like to think that we make a difference in someone else’s life by adding a hint of positivity through our games, we all need that,” disclosed Aditya to AnimationXpress.com.

‘Furr Flicker’ is a cute casual game with a fun and delightful mission. Furrball has lost its way and is floating around in the hope of getting back its one true love. It is being guided by the three helpful beacons. The player can swipe the screen to generate a breeze and feel the happiness in helping the ball of fur to fulfil its destiny and collect candies together along the way.

Furr Flicker is a game targeted at the casual audience; the development was consistent with that direction. The gameplay was designed to be intuitive. The team decided that screen swipes would be the best since the game could be played with a single finger and still be a lot of fun,” expounded Aditya. “Paresh worked on the technical side of things and ensured that the code base was excellent and robust. On other hand Sudhir worked on the art, aesthetics and colour palettes; the music was licensed from Kevin Macleod.”

The team was well aware of the user’s perspective at every step of monetisation and has ensured that it does not hamper the user experience. It is using a combination of advertising networks and in-app purchases to plug any potential revenue leaks and ensure that the studio makes money which in turn will help it make more fun games.

Loon games targets the casual audiences, from 15 year old students to middle aged women. “We tend to get featured on content hosts with a good readership and definitely aim to provide long term value to them. In addition, we use social media to reach out to potential new users and retain the existing ones,” he ended.

The game will be launched in first half of September and will be available on iOS & Android; it will include four different packs and a total of 60 amazing levels.

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