Live dealers: The game changers

It was almost impossible, a decade ago or so, to think that anything can change the excitement of playing table games in a land-based casino. Looking from the angle of cinematography, table games have always been presented as an activity that requires a pinch of class. One of the rules while playing, which is not mandatory but desirable, is to have a glass of dry martini to spice up the game. 

Who would think back then that the future of poker, roulette, and other table games is hidden inside a well-equipped studio with friendly live dealers? 

Gambling in India

Way back in 1976, gambling was legalized, but only three states allowed casinos: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Indians received the news about this law as a joyful one, and soon enough the casinos were filled with people who were ready to spend their time and money trying out their luck at table games.

But, time passes quickly and changes everything, so the idea of a perfect gambling place changed relatively fast. After years of the massive popularity of land-based casinos in India, ideas from the future became the present time.

From the extravagant land-based casinos, step by step, Indians started to appreciate the possibility of gambling from home. Truth to be told, it does seem like a more comfortable idea, but what about the gaming experience?

Live casino- Is it good enough?

When you are not feeling like getting up from the bed, but you do want to have some fun, an online version of a casino sounds great. But, is it as good as it sounds?

Well, time was not the only thing that made progress. iGaming developers, aware of the fact that the future is now, started making gaming content that will glue you to your chair for hours. This said, which online concept can give you a better kick of reality than live dealer games?

The “Live” Revolution

Progress is a natural need and it can bring more and more into every aspect of life and the online casino world is one of these aspects. 

Taking into consideration that the internet is available all around India, and the mobile devices are in everyman’s hand now, it came completely logical to fit a casino into the pocket of a punter. 

Software developers gave their maximum to provide the excitement which will resemble the most to the land-based casino experience. These days, you have the possibility to exchange gifts with other players, enjoy real casino ambiance, and create your own 3D avatars- from your own home! It is important to add that developers are always putting an effort to add more interesting innovation in the field of live casino games, so you can expect new and exciting content frequently. 

Live dealer game came as a pleasant surprise to Indian players. The possibility to be in a casino and communicate with hosts, even when you are not actually being there, was fabulously-welcomed around all the Indian players out there.  

Indians are a friendly and talky nation and they do appreciate being able to share their thoughts while playing a favourite table game thanks to the two-way audio chat; this information put together with the fact that, throughout history, cards were the most popular object of entertainment, give us the final thought- live dealer games are massively popular all around this South Asian country. 

Pandemic – The Crucial Moment

Last, but definitely not least – On the extensive list of reasons why live dealer games are so popular in India, the 2019 pandemic is certainly somewhere on the top of the list. 

As we mentioned earlier, Indians are a friendly and outgoing nation. They like to spend time with friends and family. What happens when they can’t enjoy their free time like they did before?

Coronavirus hit hard in this South Asian country, and people were living under strict measures. Unfortunately, depression is a common side effect of isolation, so having a chance to communicate with someone, online, can bring a big relief and some entertainment back into life. 

The recipe for success is obvious. Card games are loved through centuries in India, plus a talkative live dealer in a real-casino atmosphere – the goal is reached.

Speaking about the pandemic and live dealers, here is a piece of interesting information that will explain the importance of live dealers’ games: before Covid-19, Indians were spending around 45 minutes of their time playing live casino content, whereas during the lockdown – 90 minutes and more!

Adding more on the subject of the popularity of online casinos: India is currently the fourth largest online gaming market globally! Indians welcomed the new age casino world with their hands wide open, and soon became one of the most numerous players on most of the platforms.