VFX Little Airplane Productions, Fantawild Animation and Studio 100 Media join forces for Doctor Space -

Little Airplane Productions, Fantawild Animation and Studio 100 Media join forces for Doctor Space

Little Airplane Productions, Fantawild Animation (China), and Studio 100 Media announced today that they will collaborate on Doctor Space, a new animated comedy for four to  seven year-olds.  The companies plan to co-invest in the production of the brand-new TV series and IP initiated by Little Airplane.

The team behind Doctor Space is impressive: The pilot was written by Emmy Award- winning creator/writer/composer Billy Lopez (Welcome To The Wayne), ( The Wonder Pets ) and the show’s educational curriculum was written by Beth Richman, Ed.M. (Super Wings).  Doctor Space is the first new series that was created by Josh Selig since his New York-based studio, Little Airplane, was acquired by Studio 100.

Little Airplane CEO Josh Selig says, “I’m thrilled to be reconnecting with Billy Lopez. He’s absolutely the funniest writer I know, and Doctor Space is the first comedy we’ve worked closely on together since ‘The Wonder Pets!’.  I’m really excited to see the show come to life with great partners like Fantawild and Studio 100 Media.”

Studio 100 Media CEO Martin Krieger comments, “For me, Doctor Space is one of the most hilarious, whacky and witty show concepts that I have seen lately. Collaborating with the brilliant teams of Fantawild and Little Airplane on the series and IP will be extraordinary.”

Fantawild Animation Inc Executive President of Fantawild Holdings Inc. & General Manager Daisy Shang says, “Doctor Space is full of imagination and humor, and it has great potential to become a phenomenal space-themed hit among kids in China and all over the world.  We’re very excited to be teaming up with our friends from Studio 100 and Little Airplane to co-develop this show.”

Doctor Space follows the misadventures of Doctor Space, a brilliant  nine year old doctor who runs Healox, the galaxy’s first and only floating alien emergency room. Here, Doctor Space and his oddball ER team treat a wide range of bizarre alien ailments, such as Two-Headed Typhus, which causes its victims to grow a second head that won’t stop digressing. (Doctor Space also developed the universe’s first holographic bottom-sling to help a teenaged Pythagor who sprained his behind whilst surfing the Milky Way.)  Every episode is filled with raucous and non-stop alien medical ridiculousness.  Doctor Space relies heavily on his friend and business partner, Azod, a ten year old girl who keeps Doctor Space and Healox from falling apart each day.

Doctor Space is an animated comedy (52 x 11min) for four to seven year-old kids and has a soft educational curriculum with a focus on Learning Through Trial and Error and Helping Others.  The series will be introduced at MIPJunior. and MIPCOM.