Let’s wander in the magical animated worlds #WhenAtHome

Animation has made creating a world of your own possible. From big animation houses like Disney, Pixar, Sony, and many others to even a small animation studio can do wonders with the power of animation. The concept art, landscapes are as much important in any animated movie as the characters. Wondering about the magic, fantasy, dream and mystic in these movies, let’s go into few mystical animated worlds. Frozen We just cannot miss the landscapes from Frozen while talking about magic. From snow clad areas to ice structures, the movie is full of beautiful fantasy landscapes. Coco Loaded with different worlds, Coco definitely created a benchmark in animation. With class animation from Pixar yet again, Coco delivers some landscapes one cannot miss. Croods Have you guys watched Croods? If not, you definitely should. The movie shows how the world was when our ancestors ruled. Perfectly shown stone age era with a hint of fantasy will take you back in the times. How to train your Dragon? Hiccup, Toothless are of course sweethearts and these cute creatures managed to make the movie a hit. But, what made the movie stand out are the wonderous landscapes created and shown in the entire How to train your Dragon? franchise. Abominable This yeti drama from DreamWorks is an adorable adventure tale of yeti Everest and teenage girl Yi. The magical creature takes Yi and us through a magical ride and we can witness some beautiful landscapes throughout the duo’s journey in Abominable. Moana When there is magic, adventure and mystery in the talks, there is Moana. Be it story or the aptly created worlds, Moana is a breathtaking ride. Wonder Park The latest addition to magical stories is Wonder Park. The movie gives us a reality check and asks us to not let the child inside us die. The amusement park created in the movie is what we would have imagined as kids, with rides so unique and magic everywhere. These are just few of our favourites. I know the list is unending. We will get back to you with other worlds soon with another listicle. Meantime, you can share with us few movies you would like us to add in the next part of this article.