Kingston to showcase upcoming consumer, enterprise SSDs and everyday life embedded solutions at CES 2019

Kingston Digital, will once again share upcoming products for consumers and business customers at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  2019. At CES, Kingston will provide demonstrations on :
  • Next generation four-channel NVMe M.2 SSDs providing consumers of all levels blazing speed and high performance.
  • A side of the company that is rarely seen are its embedded solutions which power products found in your everyday life.
  • High-endurance microSD cards for devices such as security and dash cameras.
  • 8K video editing station powered by an upcoming U.2 NVMe SSD and data center SATA SSDs in RAID 0. 
For the past few years, Kingston has been working with the movie industry in Hollywood for its content capture and post-production needs. The demo will also include some of the tools that studios use:
  • DC1000M NVMe U.2 SSD will be Kingston’s first U.2 form factor SSD offering over 5x the performance of SATA SSDs. It is perfect for system integrators designing next-gen., high performance NVMe servers and storage arrays for Tier 2 Cloud providers and hosting companies running either OEM or white box server platforms.
  • Data Center 500R (DC500R) and Data Center 500M (DC500M) SATA SSDs. DC500R is optimised for read-centric workloads and DC500M is suited for workloads featuring a high mix of reads and writes. Both drives offer endurance ranges that satisfy 80 per cent of the world’s workload requirements and are designed with Quality of Service (QoS) as the primary criteria to ensure predictability and consistency in IO and latency delivery.
Kingston director of marketing Craig Tilmont mentioned, “We are proud to be back for another year at CES to share our upcoming products. Whether it’s our SSDs, encrypted USBs, or other Flash or embedded solutions, we hope that those who visit the Kingston suite fully recognize our continued dedication to offering consistent, high-performing solutions. As needs change we’re happy to support all our customers ― client to enterprise ― with products that deliver.”